Mosel Textile Arts
4. Mosel Textile Art,
18. / 19. September 2021

The event takes place in the picturesque vineyard "Lehlinger" at the Moselle river ( The special atmosphere of the place with a view over the Moselle Valley and the mutual exchange of experiences and opinions helps to create interesting works.

18 September

The first day is dedicated to individual work. Textile artists should bring their own materials to work on new projects or continue on the ones in progress.

We also spend some time to continue on the common piece of work we started already in the first event of MOSEL TEXTILE ARTS in 2018.

Working hours are planned for 10.00 - 17.00. But they, as well as coffee breaks and lunch time, may still be adjusted to the artists needs.

Should you have any questions or you want to apply, please write to

Artists who come from further afield and have to stay here, we are happy to assist you in your search for accommodation. Arrival is also possible by train to the local train station. The nearest airport is Luxembourg-Findel, only 30 km away.

19 September

The exhibition will be opened at 12.00.

The textile work produced in day one or former work of the participants is exhibited.

At 13.00 starts the masterclass "Freeform crochet and textile upcycling" by textile artist Aiga Praulina. You can learn
1) to use new and well-known crochet techniques working with wool to make creative scrumbles (small pieces of work), which can put together in an object or piece of clothing or
2) to work with stripes of T-shirt fabric to produce rugs or crocheted art objects.
Participation fee: 10 Euro (materials included).

Other activities: wine tasting, tour in the vineyard garden, coffee & cakes, embroidery work on the common piece of work.

No application needed.

Hope to see you in one or both days of 4. MOSEL TEXTILE ARTS!

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